A Godly Mother’s Advice

I found the following excerpt to be a helpful reminder to obey Christ’s command “watch and pray;” it is taken from Life in Jesus: A Memoir of Mrs. Mary Winslow, Arranged From Her Correspondence, Diary, and Thoughts. by Her Son Octavius Winslow, D.D.


“….Let him that thinketh he standeth, take heed lest he fall, is an admonition that should cause us to look narrowly to our own way, and not to cast the first stone at a fallen brother, but rather pray for such a one. Beware, my dear, dear children, of the first declension from Christ. Examine your hearts, and bring them daily, yea hourly, to Jesus, with all that you find evil there; and He will subdue it, and give you the victory. Never sit down to reason with your own heart, for it is deceitful; but fly to your true, your tried Friend, and He will never disappoint nor deceive you. Never neglect private prayer; and plead hard with Jesus for a constant and abiding spirit of prayer, so that you can lift up your heart to Him wherever you are, or in whatever you may be engaged. Plead much for the promised indwelling of the Holy Ghost. Be cautious of grieving this most blessed Guest of your souls; and when you do, go immediately to Christ, and He will wash it all away. Avoid light, trifling professors of religion; their influence will be as poison to your souls. Be very cautious to whom you open your heart. Make no one your confidant but Jesus. Oh, commune with Him of all that is in your heart. If you are wounded, go and tell Christ. If you are in need, go and tell Christ, —the silver and the gold are His. If you are in perplexity or difficulty, through your own imprudence or otherwise, go not to an arm of flesh, nor sit down to consider how you are to obtain deliverance; but go directly to Jesus, and tell Him all, all; and He will appear for you, and bring you out of all, by suggesting to your minds the right means to be used, and following them with His blessing. Oh, I beseech you to do this, and may the Lord incline you to do so for His name’s sake! Amen and amen.”



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3 responses to “A Godly Mother’s Advice

  1. Good quote, thank you for sharing it. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I’m far more familiar with the writings of Octavious Winslow than his mother Mary.

    Anyway, looking forward to reading the next post!

  2. talks2herself

    Oh how true this is. What a good reminder of how weak a creature I am. It’s so true how deceitful the heart is and how I really do need to be fleeing to the cross. I should be constantly falling at the feet of His throne begging him to mold my heart into a new creation day after day. I must be seeking him for the forgiveness I so desperately need. The cleansing I cannot go on without can only come from one source and that is Christ. I love this quote. That Mary Winslow was quite the wise woman.

  3. Jamie Griffith

    Yes, she was, and she has quite the godly heritage. In reading her biography, I found it amazing to see how so much of what her son published is founded on lessons she taught her children growing up and various correspondences between them. It reminds me a lot of how the bulk of Matthew Henry’s commentary was generated from notes he took during family worship as a child. It’s encouraging for sure. 🙂

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